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Who We Are                                                                            

Your invitation to a place where...

         You will find Christians who give priority to the Scriptures, not to programs, nor to personalities, nor to popular fads

         You will find emphasis on family values

         You will find a family of believers, united in love, faith, and service

         You will also find, among other things, a place where...

 * the message is Biblical and relevant, not speculative nor cultic;

 * the scriptural topics are unashamedly presented, despite a controversial age;

 * the doctrines control duties; beliefs shape behavior;

 * faith is active beyond Sunday morning;

 * money is low key;

 * sharing is orderly and edifying;

 * decency and modesty are the only controlling factors in dress;

 * you can question anything we do ‑ but be nice;

 * the music is worshipful and God honoring;

 * doers ‑ not complainers enjoy fellowship here,

 * clergy‑laity distinctions are not emphasized;

 * facilities are comfortable in summer and winter;

 * church ministry is Biblically balanced in worship, fellowship, and evangelism;

 * people are committed to the pursuit of living lives pleasing to God