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A Place of Worship ... Fellowship ... Partnership

What is a church? A building? An organization? A political power? Praise God, none of these things. According to the Scriptures, a church is a body of believers, a fellowship of those whose sins the Lord Jesus has forgiven. Independent Baptist of Keeseville is such a church.

We are not interested in your station in life, your moral reputation, or your family history. We love you... regardless of outward circumstances...  because God first loved us. To a person, our body of believers has experienced the cleansing power of the blood of God's Son in their lives. And now, we're committed to sharing that power with others.

For the warmth of true Christian Fellowship, for the joy of knowing God as a partner in your daily life, won't you join us and share in the love which God has shared with us?

We hope to see you here soon. And when you come, please be sure and introduce yourself.










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